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Ex-Sistere: Women’s Mobility in Contemporary Irish, Welsh and Galician Literatures

Ex-Sistere: Women’s Mobility in Contemporary Irish, Welsh and Galician Literatures, ed. María Jesús Lorenzo-Modia, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016 (English language)

Ex-Sistere is a look at migration as a theme and process in the literary work of Galician, Welsh and Irish women writers. The book consists of a series of scholarly essays on such fascinating themes as Rosalío de Castro's territorial imaginary, her building an image-type of Galicia as essentially feminine. The process and impact of emigration is explored, the "relational and simultaneous space" of travel, as well as the process of toponymy and its impact on the interior life. There's an essay on Medbh McGuckian "as a symbol of Irish resistance", and one by Manuela Palacios entitled: 'Stand Still: Photographs of Irish Migrating Women', in which several writers, including myself, were invited to write about a photograph of an emigrant female relative. Poignant histories are revealed, particularly by Celia de Fréine and Lorna Shaughnessy. In my case, the photograph is accompanied by a poem. This is a very interesting book, which explores the profound effects of place and mobility on literature and lives. 

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