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Review of Pagan to the Core

Manuela Palacios reviews Pagan to the Core in Estudios Irlandeses:

Each experience lived by the protagonist – and the poet presents this sequence of poems as highly autobiographical – is methodically wrought so as to turn it into a poetic gem. There is no need to resort to T.S. Eliot’s strategy of impersonality as he defends it in his famous essay “Tradition and the Individual Talent” (1919), because Medbh’s choice of tropes, rhythms, onomatopoeias, line breaks, stanzas, etc. is deeply personal. Medbh actually succeeds in transforming the real into art without compromising truth.

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Manuela Palacios is Associate Professor of English Literature at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. She has directed three national research projects on contemporary Irish and Galician women writers that have been funded by the Spanish government. She has edited and co-edited several books in relation to this topic: Pluriversos (2003), Palabras extremas (2008), Writing Bonds (2009), Creation, Publishing and Criticism (2010), To the Winds Our Sails (2010) and Forked Tongues (2012). 


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