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Against Loyalty

Posted on: Friday, April 12, 2019

The true act is insupportable.
The true act is not based on ethics.
The true act is not a matter of empathy.

For the capacity factor of psychophysical energy the name ‘empathy’ is proposed. Empathy is then a physical quantity, a physiological brain-function, and is defined as the relation of the whole energy at any change of the central organ to the intensity.

– 1895 K. Lasswitz(1)

The true act is silent.
The true act is incoherent.
The true act self-coheres.

Human reason, therefore, is nothing other than the expression of man's adaptedness to the average run of events, which have gradually become deposited in solidly organized complexes of ideas that constitute our objective values.

– C. G. Jung(2)

The true act has no precept.
The true act has no concept.
The true act will not admit aphorism.

Our purpose is to examine subtle correlations that may reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world. We hypothesize that there will be structure in what should be random data, associated with major global events that engage our minds and hearts.

– The Global Consciousness Project(3)

The true act counts no hours.
The true act observes no holiday.
The true act is not a ritual.

It's not the thing pointed out but the evocative act of pointing that arouses the emotions.

– Gordon Cullen(4)

The true act is inexplicable.
The true act slips away.
The true act rises on its hind legs and spurts.

A monster owl
out on the fence
flew away. What
is it the sign
of? The sign of
an owl.

– Lorine Niedecker(5)

The true act is not liberation.
The true act is not servile.
The true act is not the bigger picture.

. . . to none accountable, preferring
Hard liberty before the easie yoke
Of servile Pomp.

– John Milton(6)

The true act understands nothing.
The true act researches nothing.
The true act teaches nothing.

Empathy: Psychology and Aesthetics. The quality or power of projecting one's personality into or mentally identifying oneself with an object of contemplation, and so fully understanding or appreciating it. Now rare.

The true act is blind.
The true act is wind.
The true act is a stumble.

Values, morals, homelands, religions, and these private certitudes that our vanity and our complacency bestow generously on us, have as many deceptive sojourns as the world arranges for those who think they are standing straight and at ease, among stable things.

― Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari(7)

The true act is inevitable.
The true act is a fait accompli.
The true act is always on the agenda.

Our natural passions are few in number; they are the means to freedom, they tend to self-preservation. All those which enslave and destroy us have another source; nature does not bestow them on us; we seize on them in her despite.

– Jean-Jacques Rousseau(8)

The true act is a guerrilla soldier.
The true act is a strategist.
The true act has no cause.

Let us admit that a man is no more than an instrument in an orchestra directed by the muse of History.

– Cseslaw Miloscz(9)

The true act is its own body.
The true act cares for nobody.
The true act is not charity.

. . . Hubczejak would respond that this unique genetic code of which, by some tragic perversity, we were so ridiculously proud, was precisely the source of so much human unhappiness.

– Michel Houellebecq(10)

The true act has no personality.
The true act is deadpan.
The true act never dresses up.

For we have seen a myriad faces
Ecstatic from one lie . . .

– W. H. Auden(11)

The true act is not a qualifier.
The true act has no situation.
The true act belongs in no category.

Forsaking Christianity, Alpha became a more religious writer than he had before, if we grant that the ethic of loyalty is an extension of religious ethics and a contradiction of an ethic of collective goals.

– Czeslaw Milosz (12)



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